From Friends for Friends

BAM Records is a collaboration between a group of old friends and Electronic Music lovers. The concept behind BAM is to provide a platform for artist and friends, not necessarily focused on a particular style but on quality and innovation. BAM will mainly focus on the field between Chill-Electro-Progressive and Full On. Where by it’s sub Fractal Audio Machinery Recordings will cater the Twilight and Dark Psy Corner. However that doesn’t mean that we are not open for anything else what is good and has substance.


The people behind BAM/FAM RECORDS are:

Dustin Henze – A&R for BAM ( A&R for all countries )

Stefan Greiner – A&R for BAM (A&R for SouthGermany & International )

Stephan Seemann – A&R for BAM ( A&R for North Germany & International )

Andreas Winkler – A&R for BAM ( A&R for Swiss & International )

Glenn Van der Elst & Tino Baele – A&R for BAM ( A&R for Belgium & International )

Thomas David – PR and Administration



B.A.M. Labelnight Aftertrailer by :